Saturday, April 28, 2007

Did you ever think Why ?

From the beginning of the human history, for thousands of years, people were looking for the answers to the questions such as :
Why certain things happen to us in the way they are? Why for some people that, achieving success, prosperity and happiness is easy and for others it is hard and a difficult path? Why some are always at right time at right place to receive the good things in life while others at wrong time at wrong place are working hard for that?
Does it always happen only to you or did others experienced it too. If so what things were common between you and those others and what is the relationship ? Is there any unknown reason behind that or is it purely accidental? Was it meant to be happened that way ?. If every thing happens by chance, then why the other person is always lucky and not you.
What things were destined to be that way and what part of it was due to your own actions or free will ?. How it operates and what is the mechanism of it, how can you manipulate it. What things we can learn from the past experiences of others like us ?. When the good or bad events can occur ? Is there any remedy, or a way of getting additional knowledge of how to avoid disadvantageous events in the quest of achieving success, prosperity and happiness or the situation is entirely hopeless ?.
To look in to those questions, and find some rational explanations, the sages of the past, devised the mathematical system called "Eye of the Veda" or the Vedic Astrology.

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