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Lord Muruga's Birthday falls on June 5th

Among all Hindu Gods, Lord Shiva is considered to be the most powerful with the highest level of intelligence. If there is one God, who became the Guru even to the mighty Lord Shiva, it is the beautiful Lord Muruga. Muruga worship will bestow you with incredible blessings that you need to live well in this world. Lord Muruga worship is considered to be the culmination of Shiva worship.
The birth of Muruga from the third-eye of Shiva symbolizes the ascent of ones sexual fluids to the pituitary gland resulting in Enlightenment. Six sparks of light came out of Shivas third eye and became the six-headed Muruga. Lord Muruga is an epitome of happiness, beauty and divine light. He is the ruler of Pleiades constellation of stars and blesses whoever is devoted to Him.
Lord Murugas Birthday and the Star Vishaka
Lord Muruga's Birthday falls on June 5th and is popularly known as 'Vaikasi Vishakam'. This day falls on the Vishaka star, in the Vedic month of Vaikasi (May - June). Vishaka is a star in the heavens which has its head in the Mars Sign Scorpio, and its body and legs in the Venus sign Libra. One who is born in the Vishaka star exhibits both worldly and spiritual tendencies. Lord Muruga being the Lord of Kundalini guides one and all in their pursuit for perfection.
If your birth star is Vishaka, you have a special connection to Lord Muruga and a personal fire ritual to Lord Muruga on his June 5th birthday will bring you personal break-throughs.
Devotion towards Lord Muruga helps in elimination of Karma by raising your Kundalini up from the Muladara, which is the lowest chakra to the Sahasrara, the highest chakra. The Vel or Lance also gives infinite intelligence to you which you cannot gain by any traditional learning. Lord Muruga's vehicle peacock represents the greatest mantra 'OM' whereas the rooster drives away evil spirits.
How to Pray on Muruga's Birthday?
To meditate on the third eye with the sounds Ah, OO, and Ma which together becomes OM. You have to recite them six rounds with alertness and pray to Muruga. Everything that Muruga is associated with involves destruction of evil.
Lord Muruga's birthday represents one fantastic opportunity to UP your consciousness for happy and abundant living.

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