Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sun moves into Gemini on June 14th

Gemini is the third house of astrological zodiac. It signifies your physical strength and also reveals your ability to have courage and take appropriate risks. Your 3rd house also describes your younger siblings, your ears, arms, hands and nervous systems.
Gemini's ruling planet is Mercury. As such, Gemini is bestowed with Mercurial qualities - love of learning, calculated risk taking, quick witted, genial and joyous. The darker side of Gemini is that they can be too cunning - losing the faith of others, or be irresponsible - changing their minds, not finishing things, bluffing their way.
What happens when Sun moves into Gemini on June 14th?
When the Sun moves to Gemini, your actions, represented by the Sun, will have characteristics of Mercury. You would be attracted to scholarly activities such as research and reading. Your careers would flourish in Mercury-like fast paced occupations or businesses such as advertising or journalism. They will bring cleverness to your actions and provides adequate help at developing strategies in all fronts.
It is a great time to examine your lives, root out mediocrity and commit to an expression of courage in whatever way that looks to you. Courage and risk-taking doesn't need to mean sky diving but sowing the seeds of positive energy and dynamic nimbleness to move forward in everyday life.
This transit also brings mental weakness and fear aspects for some of you. You will be lovingly supported and encouraged by your family and friends during uncertain times.

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Sandra Bryant said...

This explains why I was just so cheerful that day, and also very lucky because I got a raise!! There was a conflict at work, but the general outcome was very, very positive.

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