Thursday, April 19, 2007

Karmas or Action

Stars only indicate your past "Karmas"( or the actions ) and depending on the past actions, the direction of the path of life you are going to take while in the journey, towards the ultimate goal the:
"Natural evolution process towards the Perfection of Mind"
"Kingdom of heaven", "Moksha", "Nirvana" or where ever according to your personal belief.
It is as same as, depending on the lane you have stopped, the direction you should turn will be indicated by a traffic signal.
While the Hinduism says that Athma or the Soul stays the same, lord Buddha went further and said, that the soul or the force of life or the qualities that define particular character of a person are also subject to gradual change and since, it changes he added, it is impermanent or "Anithya" which is the basic quality of everything in the universe

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