Thursday, March 27, 2008

Aries Zodiac Sign

Element: Fire, Quality: Cardinal, Ruler: Mars.
Character:- Aries gets things started and then pursues them with gusto (but maybe not much practical common sense). Life is like a battle to be entered into and won.
Pitfalls:- If not the team leader will battle with whoever is. Acts first, thinks afterwards when it may be too late. Reckless and short-sighted.
A word of advice:- When you get bored with a project, hand it over to someone else skilled in the practical application of your inspired idea, not forgetting (this is the difficult bit) to mention all those vital details without which the project will fail. Then you are free to start something else.
Compatibility:- Your ideal mate is someone who lets you win a hard-fought battle, or who is content when you do (at which time you may have to pick a fight over something else).

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