Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Choose your Star Sign and discover your Stone:

Ruby, Jasper and also Rock Crystal as a calming influence. Jasper is a mixture of Quartz, Chalcedony and other colored minerals. The Ancients wore a ring of Jasper on their thumb (Mars' finger). This stone is apparently useful for lung and liver problems.
Emerald and Aventurine. Recommended is the latter to avoid excessive costs and as Emerald is the most expensive, also suggested is Jade which, like Aventurine, is affordable. Aventurine is a type of quartz which is very similar to Jade. It seemingly cures throat and respiratory problems.
Agate, bringing well-being at work, in commerce, journalism and communication in general. Tortoiseshell is also lucky for Geminis. Agate is made up of oxide silicon, Chalcedony and quartz. It often has veins, due to stratification. This stone is used to increase good omens; it also seems to increase the libido and is a powerful protection against envy.
Moonstone, Opal and Rock Crystal. Pearl is also lucky and very often used in magic ( a crystal ball). It also helps mood swings. When worn around the neck, it seems to prevent nightmares.
Topaz, Crisoberillo, Amber, Tiger Eye ( the latter helps combat heart problems, selfishness, and in completing projects).Tiger eye is a stone, adored by those who love the casino.
Pink quartz is the lucky stone of Virgos. According to Ancient beliefs, this stone helps in emotional difficulties, in love tiffs and family problems. An excellent talisman against the evil eye.
Olivine, Jade and Aventurine. These are stones linked to artists, leading ladies, musicians and, in general, to a love of Art and beauty.The Ancients used these stones in line with their beliefs to ease the trials and tribulations of life.
Lucky stone is Jasper which is Mars' stone. For those who belong to this sign and who wish to find balance in their lives, according to an Ancient tradition, a Topaz should be worn on the left hand.Jasper seems to bring relief and comfort to ovarian cysts.
Sagittarius' lucky stone is Amethyst and this represents ambition, travel and success at work. This is an oxide of silicon and its name derives from one of Bacchus' nymphs who tried to obtain favors.
The lucky stones for this Star Sign are all derived from iron, like Hematite but also black Tourmaline is excellent for this Sign, helping with money issues and in one's professional life.As for health, this stone strengthens one's personal equilibrium and increases intuition. It also helps in finding lost or hidden objects.
The lucky stones of this sign are Cat's Eye, Fire Opal and especially Lapis Lazuli (a blue stone with white veins).This stone seems to bring aid in inventions, innovations and technology.Health wise, it seems to help circulatory and venal problems.
There are 2 lucky stones for this Star Sign. The first is Aquamarine which was used in the Middle Ages to combat throat infections and, when reduced to a fine powder, could cure eye ailments. Presently, it appears to be able to cure intestinal problems and toothache.The second stone is Amethyst (like Sagittarius).

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