Thursday, May 15, 2008

Lord Muruga - Birthday on 19th May

'Murugan' literally means 'Beautiful one'. Where there is beauty, love shines; where there is love, truth radiates. When we seek the truth, we get freedom.
Lord Muruga is a symbol of eternal youth and wisdom. He is also considered to be the lord of Kundalini. 'Muruga' stands for the three divine functions - creation, protection and destruction, for 'Mu' represents Mukunda (Vishnu), 'Ru' Rudra (Shiva), and 'Ka' for Kamala ( Brahma).
The culmination of Shiva worship is the worship of his son Muruga variously known as Kanda, Subramanya, Karthikeya and host of other names. Muruga worship destroys bad karma and provides blissful body. He eliminates bad debts and diseases. His birthday falls on May 19 in the Vishaka star. Muruga carries with him a weapon called Lance or Vel . Lance is a weapon to destroy negativity and diseases.
The Kukuta (Rooster) homa is a very powerful fire ritual done to invoke one of Lord Muruga's powerful vehicles, the Rooster. Muruga's divine rooster has the ability to destroy negativity and ward off evil. It is a less commonly known ritual in India, but extremely powerful in nature and should only be done by qualified brahmin priests.
Subramanya Yantra is a mystical representation of Lord Muruga. Worshipping the Subramanya Yantra bestows material abundance, courage, power and helps in winning court, legal cases and all matters related to litigations. Since Lord Muruga is the overlord of Mars, regular worship of this yantra also enables to negate the ill effects of Mars.
Yogis or Siddha Masters knew how to access Muruga's grace by performing special abhishekams. Abhishekam to Vel is a powerful ritual to access Muruga's grace. Life's most important mission is the destruction of one's Karma and a perfect day to do this is on the vishaka day on May 19.


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