Tuesday, June 3, 2008

3rd June 2008 Hindu Calendar, Panchang, Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Shri Vikrami Samvat 2065 / Jyeshth maas / Krishna paksha / Amavasya / Mangal vaar
Krittika nakshatra upto 9:50 then Rohini / Moon in Vrishabh
You want to gain without making adequate efforts, but god is kind to give you even that, gains from family and property are indicateDay special – financially very stable period as your prosperity is well indicated, this is a period to showcase your abilities very well, you are very strong in your attitude and you can accomplish everything
Very favorable period in many ways, your strength lies in your ability to perform and achieve, changes in life may not bring favorable results.Do – you abilities and your creativity is at your best, if you shed your anxieties and dissatisfactions you will gain much more.Don’t – don’t be too rigid in your attitude as you may tend to be more and more egoistic, don’t do that as it is a negative thought
You have to be careful about your finances, there can be pressures and there can be losses,Day special – career is stable and that is your strength, don’t risk your money unnecessarily as you will be put to loss, even risking your stability of life is not a wise thing to do
Very auspicious period for financial prosperity, that is spoiling your focus to wards your other responsibilities in life, that includes your career which needs careDo – involve towards your career as that is the biggest weakness which you carry at this stage, travels may give you gainsDon’t – don’t be uneasy without reason, that is becoming a habit which is not looking good, don’t have confusions on your mind
You are thinking about bringing changes in your life, that thought is very firm and you are determined for that, but your expectations may not be met fully in the wrong runDay special – initially everything may seem all right, but you have to take care for making big decisions, career is strong and financial position is stable, that is why you are taking risk
Excellent financial prospects, very lucky period in every way, students are suffering as there focus is totally lostDo – students need to work hard as this is precious time, you have the time at your hand but you don’t have the inclinationDon’t – just because financial prosperity is indicated don’t waste your money as that is what you are doing, don’t spend without any reason and without planning
Career is stable but you are under stress, you are doing well and that is important, you have to be more at peace to gain from this goodnessDay special – the pressures on you make you very restless, those pressures are in various forms, in business there is need for investment, someone is trying to harm your interests at your back
Very lucky period in many ways, career is stable and god is kind, routine pressures may be there but still everything is under control, you psychological firmness is your strengthDo – you may gain through your partners or your spouse, try to get this advantage and gain from these forcesDon’t – don’t ignore your health as that is a cause for concerns, there are too many ups and downs in your own performance, don’t let that happen
Stressful period continues, psychologically you are under pressures and that shows in your personal life, have lot of patience and don’t get into conflictsDay special – stability is important at this stage, major changes and major arguments have to be avoided
Strong love relationship can give you happiness, there may be obstacles but you seem to be determined to have your way, plan carefully as you may be wrongDo – take care of your health as there is linking indications to cause that stressDon’t – don’t ignore your marriage at any cost, no relationship is bigger then the stability in your life
Family related conflicts and differences of opinion may be there, your spouse is very supportive and you in turn are trying to gain from these forces, you good ness will result in other people to youDay special – financial prosperity is indicated, but health concerns can be aggravated, psychologically you have to be more at peace
Meena Your abilities are excellent and you are converting your abilities into hard work, this is a positive indication to give you lot of successDo – for your abilities don’t take the advantage of luck to support you, restrict yourself to your hard work and that is what you should doDon’t – don’t get into differences with your boss as that is not required, it can reduce your strengths and you have to protect yourself from that

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