Sunday, June 15, 2008

Cancer Lifestyle

Cancer Physical Structure:
Cancer has a big head. The face is round or semi-round showing intense emotion. The eyebrows are well-defined but not the typical Cancer nose. The mouth is big and the arms and legs are long in comparison to the rest of the body. The stomach shows.
Cancer Health:
Cancer has stomach and the chest as its positive health zones. Overweight is a typical Cancerian problem.

Cancer Beautyscope:
Cancer people need to be very careful cause their stomach has a tendency to protrude. Hence they should exercise a lot. Cancer girls should wear a necklace of pearls around them
Cancer Food:
Favored food for Cancerians would be all fruits and vegetables with a very high water content such as cucumbers, pumpkins, cabbage, turnip, lettuce, mushrooms etc. Drink plenty of water. Avoid Pastries and Cakes. A fish diet is recommended
Cancer Habits:
Cancerians have a tendency to get into the groove, hence you are a slave of habits

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Anonymous said...

AHH NOT FAIR...i dont wanna b biggest fear *tear*

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