Sunday, June 22, 2008


In love relationships you are prone to sulking, daydreaming and you can be somewhat idealistic about the role you play. You do love beautiful women however you also insist that the love of your life be a good conversationalist as well. You are possessive once you fall in love and you expect a great deal from your mate. You cling to your Memories, old friends and habits and you truly resist any form of change. You are generally lucky in love and usually attract beautiful, bright women.
You need to be handled with tender loving care and you will turn away from an excessively aggressive man. You're the type of woman that will sacrifice anything and everything for your family and you'll also go all out for your mate. You love to be romanced and praised for all the little extras you provide. You love to cuddle and hug and can not be happy living with someone who is cool, detached and not interested in contributing to family.

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