Saturday, June 28, 2008

Leo - find your soul mate

Leo - Aries
You both like to control things, but you do it in different ways, so there's no real conflict. Your partner is charming, passionate and delightfully unpredictable.
Leo - Taurus
You are both strong-willed with a talent for getting your own way. If you disagree, it can be catastrophic, but if you work together you can change the world.
Leo - Gemini
You are naturally attracted to your partner. This is a wonderful combination for fun, laughter and playful affection.
Leo - Cancer
You have the ability to bring at each other's best qualities. Your more even-tempered partner helps you balance strength and gentleness.
Leo - Leo There's only room for one at the centre of the spotlight. You must learn to compromise and take turns if this relationship is to succeed.
Leo - Virgo This is someone who can see beyond your image. It may make you uncomfortable at first, but honest understanding is the basis of a satisfying relationship.
Leo - Libra This is a terrific combination. You're both charming, attractive and appreciative of each other's fine qualities. Together you make a beautiful couple.
Leo - Scorpio Don't let your ego be hurt by this disturbingly honest partner. Scorpio's directness intensifies the passion between you.
Leo - Sagittarius This is one of those rare people who seem to have even more energy than you do!. If you can keep up, this relationship promises plenty of fun and excitement.
Leo - Capricorn You two have such different expressive styles that you may lose patience with each other before anything really gets started, But if you are motivated, you'll find that a relationship based on the inner person rather than the outer appearances, is what you really want.
Leo - Aquarius You have such opposite nature, you may find yourselves in constant conflict. But if you agree to join forces, the two of you together have enough energy and talent to conquer the world.
Leo - Pisces Although outwardly you may seem quite different, you both love a good fantasy and when you share yours it's more than twice as much fun.

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