Friday, July 11, 2008

Prediction For July 2008 - Cancer

This month shall prove to be generally auspicious for your gains and progress. Strong probability of special gains is not there. Physical health shall be slightly problematic. You shall enjoy the cooperation from your close friends. You shall enjoy cooperation from your close friends. There won’t be satisfaction in your area of work. There can remain the situation of ups and downs in your professional life and keep your needs under control. Don’t get carried away rather take your decisions more sensibly. Take decisions about financial matters sensibly. There is strong probability that you might take loan. Try to Control your emotions. Be careful about your eating habits.
Be cautious about your financial matters. Accumulated money might get spent. Maintain sweetness of speech and don’t be aggressive while talking. Don’t get into an argument unnecessarily. There is probability of your having harmony with siblings in the first part of the month but there might crop up difference of opinion with them in the second half of the month. The behavior of your mother shall be more positive than your father in this period. Your social reputation shall remain intact. You shall be worried from your children. The probability of your getting into trouble from enemies is not much.
The period is auspicious for buying/selling land, house, vehicle etc. There shall be an increase also in your movable property too.
Education and love
For students this month will not be auspicious. They shall have to concentrate more in their studies. There is probability of your getting into the trouble of difference of opinion with your lover/beloved. The mutual harmony between husband and wife shall remain intact.
Health Problems: - 2, 3, 11, 12, 13, 21, 22, 23
Remedy: - Donate red articles to Brahmin on Thursday and recite 7 rosaries of the following mantra on Tuesday-
“ Om kraang kreeng kraung sah bhaumaay namah”

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