Saturday, August 2, 2008

Astrology - Based on the person doing spiritual practice.

The only way to overcome destiny or be insulated from it is to do spiritual practice. This is because destiny which is a spiritual problem can only be overcome by a spiritual remedy. However the effect of spiritual practice (sadhana) and religious rituals done to overcome a problem where the root cause is spiritual in nature is not reflected in the chart.
Hence an astrological reading does not reflect the spiritual practice undertaken by the person.
For example, at birth if an astrologer detects an ancestor’s problem in the horoscope of a person and if the person does a ritual etc. then that defect is removed but the next astrologer will still read it the same way.
From this perspective, palmistry is superior to Astrology as the changes are reflected in the lines on the hands. As an average person does not do spiritual practice in the true sense of the word, he is not really impacted by this inherent shortcoming of Astrology.

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