Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lucky Stone / Gems : Hessonite

It is associated with planet Rahu. It should be worn after careful analysis of the horoscope chart otherwise it should not be worn. If it suits a person he can amass great wealth. It should be worn in panchadhatu (amalgam of five metals) or Gold or Silver.
It is a type of garnet. In best qualities it is of a reddish-orange-honey color. Honey color stones are also very effective. It is called as "gomedak" or "gomed".
The use of this stone increases creativity and good use of the imagination. It may also serve to increase the level of self-confidence and reduce the propensity to be fearful. It can also increase the awareness of a person’s subtle senses and increase ambition, which may also be for spiritual advancement.
Physically, it is said to help nervous disorders and such degenerative diseases as cancer. It may improve immune functions and counteract the harmful effects of radiation. Hessonite is said to help avert disasters and to protect against evil spirits. Supposedly it can prevent or avert insanity and protect from sudden misfortunes. It also has a reputation for giving great abilities in the sciences.Thosewho are working in Abroad or those who want to go Abroad this is the best Gem to fulfill their dreams.
Great care must be taken before wearing hessonite. It can cause many problems to become magnified in persons who wear it without proper prescription. Its source countries are Africa, Burma and Sri Lanka.

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