Thursday, August 14, 2008

Uplift your health and emotions, this lunar eclipse-aug 17

In yet another celestial event this month, an eclipse of the Moon would occur on August 17 and would be visible in the country from 1.06 am to 4.14 am. The Lunar eclipse will be visible in India, throughout most of Asia, South America, Europe and Australia on August 17. Though the eclipse would be partial, over 80 per cent of the Moon's diameter would be covered by the darker shadow of the Earth at the time of the eclipse.
Stars that are afflicted due to the occurrence of the Lunar Eclipse are Mrigashira, Chitra, Dhanista, Shravana, Rohini, Hasta, Shatabhisha, Arudra and Swathi. People born under these birth stars should perform remedies on this day. Also people born under the Moon sign of Capricorn should perform remedies. People born on Saturdays and Sundays should also perform the remedies for their birth stars. The significance of performing these remedies is that people who are afflicted by the eclipse may suffer from health problems. Performance of these remedies can alleviate the negative influence.
It is important for people born under the stars mentioned above to perform archana to the Nakshatra Lingas consecrated at the famous temple in Thiruvotriyur. Offering of archanas and feeding poor people would ward off the maladies that could trouble people born under the afflicted stars.
Generally it is important for every one to perform Tarpan. This Lunar Eclipse is very powerful and it is recommended to perform Tarpan on both Saturday August 16th and Sunday August 17th. Performing tarpan for ancestors on Saturday helps you to earn good Karma as Saturn Karma. Moreover the Full Moon also falls on Saturday and it is the Day of Lunar eclipse. As per the Vedas, tarpan should be perfomed after the eclipses in order to appease the souls as it is during the Eclipse time these souls come to the earthplane.

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