Thursday, September 18, 2008

Complexion and the Planets

Your complexion is a barometer of not only your body’s subtle biochemical changes which indicate your health and vitality, but also a very clear expression of your basic character and personality. The different planets at birth as suggested by astrology, each have their own unique colors and depending upon the strength and disposition of these planets at the moment you were born, this will also be reflected in your own complexion coloring. The Sun gives a bright and golden hue to the skin, the Moon and Venus fair complexion with Mars tending to reddishness. Saturn and the North Node will give the greyer and darker complexions, sometimes also tending to very pale or sallow hues. Naturally different ethnic and genetic issues predominate in the coloring and characteristic interpretations as a result. The Asian races obviously have a more yellow tinge to the complexion. Jupiter which is considered yellow/orange in color will dominate in that case, but of course not all Asian born people possessing yellow skin will exhibit the magnanimous and beneficial aspects and tendencies of Jupiter, the ruling planet for this skin tone. In this respect use your discretion and understand that within each race there are fair and dark alike and that the complexion interpretations given hereunder are broad based, to say the least. Yellow Complexion is a marking of the beneficial planet Jupiter and reveals a desire to generously give of yourself emotionally, materially and spiritually. You are the sort of person who shares their resources, even when and if those resources are limited. You have an innate faith in the principle of Karma in which what you share does come back and you tend to live your life on this single, most important premise.

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