Saturday, September 6, 2008

The world of the Pitras loka (ancestral world)

Just as there is biological lineage of transference of DNA along the family line, there is spirit lineage. It is as though there is a spirit DNA as well. Your departed ancestors can help solve the problems. They live in the world of the Pitras loka (ancestral world). Lord Vishnu in his aspect of Surya, the Sun God, is the King of the Pitras. 64 Generations of dead ancestors can help solve your money, relationship, health and other problems quite easily if one knows how to communicate and connect with them. Even great siddhas like Agastiya, Maha Rishis like Vasistha, Avatars like Krishna and Rama when they lived on the earth plane appreciated their spirit ancestors through rituals called Tarpan (Tarpanam in Sanksrit). Tarpan means giving special offerings to the departed spirits especially during the new moon days. Often the offerings consist of black sesame seeds, cooked rice, and water. Sesame seeds particularly constitute the food of the spirits. During new moon day the departed spirits come to the earth plane and stay with their biological relatives from sunrise to sunset. Fasting during the new moon day will alert your consciousness to be in communion with their spirits. Spiritually speaking there are two reasons for all of our mundane problems. One caused by the planets, the other by departed spirits. We should constantly take care of them in order to have a peaceful life. Once a year there is a great celebration in the Pitra loka for 2 weeks. It is called Mahalaya fortnight. It starts on September 16th, right after the full moon and ends on the Mahalaya new moon day, September 28th.
This two week period is the most important period to appreciate your departed ancestors. Significance of the 13 Days ritual:
The Maha Ancestral ritual spans for 13 days from the 1st Moon till the New Moon and each day is ruled by a Thithi. Everyone should take this opportunity to take part in all the 13 days ritual in order to obtain the blessings of your ancestors.
1st Moon-Bestow Wealth
2nd Moon-Bestow progeny
3rd Moon-Bestow Business prosperity
4th Moon-Overpowering enemies
5th Moon-Bestow All prosperity
6th Moon-Bestow Fame
7th Moon-Bestows divine strength
8th Moon-Bestow Intelligence
9th Moon-Gains from women
10th Moon-Bestow Success in undertakings
11th Moon-Prosperity of children and intelligence to children
12th Moon-More progeny and gains through education
13th Moon & 14th Moon-Blessed with many vehicles and renders Peace and longevity Mahalaya New Moon - Those who are not able to do Tarpan on all the above phases of the Moon, should definitely offer tarpan on this day in order to accrue the above said benefits and also will receive benefits by doing Tarpan for those who died due to weapons or accidents. During this day the known and unknown souls that have departed during the last 30 years are treated equal to God
Significance of Donating food and Clothing: The easiest way to access Gods grace is to feed a famished human being starving for food and donate clothes. Donating food is considered to be the greatest charity in all the charities. It is believed that the person who donates food would attain an elevated status. There is an interesting legend highlighting the importance of donating food. In the great epic Mahabaratha, Karna was a great philanthorpist and he never said no to any one who approached him for help. He had donated huge wealth and had done all kinds of charity except for donating food. Once a soul reaches heaven, it is that the soul would not feel hungry. However, when Karnas soul after his death reached heaven, his soul was feeling hungry. He then realized that though he had done all kinds of charities, he did not do feeding or Annadhan. Hence Annadhan is the highest of all the charities. Donating food on Ammavsya is considered to be important as this is considered to be a ritual on this day.

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