Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Day of Light - Feb 8th

The Pushya star, also known as Poosam, falling on the full Moon day in the vedic month of 'Thai' ( Jan 14 - Feb 12) is considered to be very auspicious and this day is popularly known as 'Thai Poosam' or 'Day of Light'.
This year it falls on February 8. 'Thai Poosam' is a time for ascension from a material to pure spiritual domain. This is one of the best opportunities to enhance our thought patterns so that we are holistically much better than before. You get only may be a dozen mega opportunities a year to enhance your positive energy patterns and Thai Poosam is one such important celestial event. This day happens to fall immediately after the Pradosham day on February 7, a Saturday. This is a rare co-incidence and you should never miss offering prayers on these two important days. You could thereby get the blessings of Lord Saturn and Lord Muruga together.
There are several legends about the festival Thaipusam.
Here are a few of them There was a demon named Tarakasura who had a boon that he can be killed only by shiva's son. Tarakasura gave a lot of trouble to the rishis and saints, and devatas. Lord Muruga (Kartikeya swami / Subramanyam swami) was called by his parents Lord Shiva and Parvati and given the job of destroying the Asuran. Lord Muruga set off with the blessings of his parents to destroy the demon. He took with him twelve weapons, eleven of which were given by his father Lord Shiva and the 'Vel' given by his mother Parvati. Lord Muruga destroyed Tarakasura on this Poosam Nakshatra day in the Tamil month of Thai (Sun in Makara rashi) and hence Thai Poosam is celebrated in all Murugan / Subramanyam temples.
Just as a commander vanquishes evil forces for the good of humanity, as an ascetic Lord Muruga reminds us to control the demonic mind and its tricks, thereby guarding oneself against jealousy, anger, lust and other undesirable qualities. Lord Muruga is known to bestow both material and spiritual abundance to His devotees. So 'Thai Poosam' or 'Day of Light' is a day when you can engage yourself in Muruga worship by offering prayers to Him.
Thai Poosam dates for 2009
USA, Canada, Europe: February 8th 2009
Africa, Gulf countries: February 8th 2009
India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka: February 8th 2009
China, Manglolia, Indonesia: February 8th 2009
Thiland, Vietnam, Hongkong: February 8th 2009
Malaysia: February 8th 2009
Singapore, Japan, Australia, Newzealand, Fiji: February 9th 2009

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