Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Power of Seven

The number Seven is ruled by Ketu.
This number brings a thoughtful, independent, discerning energy. Those whose number is Seven are blessed with the ability to analyze, seek out, dig deeply and contemplate. It is natural for those with Seven to use their skills at research and observation. Travel to foreign countries may open business opportunities for those with Seven, and pilgrimages to spiritual power places in other countries deeply strengthens them. The number Seven brings curiosity about other cultures and benefits from exposure to them. Seven creates strong intuition and a natural interest in occult sciences. Qualities associated with Seven are good for education and teaching, as it creates a deep love and respect for wisdom.
Those with Seven as their number are mystical with a deep desire to help reduce the suffering of others. Career fields that they could do well in include scientific research, law, medicine, writing, musical composition, astrology, philosophy, theology or work dealing with book shops or libraries. Those with Seven should work on patience and perseverance to obtain the best results for their efforts. They have a natural affinity for the sea, and a home by the water is soothing for them as is meditating near the ocean or a lake. Their lives work best when they are motivated by high ideals, and when they feel they are following noble impulses.

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