Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Power of Six

The number Six is ruled by Venus and influenced by Mars. The number Six brings a nurturing, beautifying energy. Those influenced by Six are compassionate and can express generosity and give comfort to others. They are capable of being truly considerate and loving. They have a romantic side and would do well to create a beautiful environment in their homes, as they have great ability to enjoy the material world and its pleasures. Those with Six bring their love of beauty into service with the larger community. Their creative talents brings harmony in their career field. Poetry, music, dance and other arts can open many doors for them. Those with Six should ward off vanity and temperamental outbursts and use their influence with others with grace and dignity. Yogic practices will do wonders for those with Six to help them maintain their spiritual connection and inner happiness.
Relationships are an interest to them, and they have the ability to counsel others. Those with Six have a quiet charm and a capacity to share Light and wisdom with those around them. They should embrace their love of wealth and their enjoyment of material comforts as part of what they came here to share with others.

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