Friday, March 6, 2009

Effects of the Sun

Astrologically the Sun is seen as THE SPIRIT. It is seen as the core of your being, your will and INDIVIDUALITY - the basic inner force that motivates everything that you do, your uniqueness.
The Sun is what we aspire to, what we wish to believe of ourselves, how we express ourselves, our essential value, the "essence" of who we are. It represents vitality, leadership, creativity and the nobility of mankind. It often denotes those of high or noble birth and is important in relationships with superiors. Its action is to illuminate (obviously), stabilise, integrate, elevate and improve.
How the Sun will manifest its energy, it's life-generating creative potential, depends on the horoscope as a whole. The Sign (and its Element), the House in which it falls, and the Aspects to the other planets, will all have a bearing on any interpretation.
The sign the Sun is in shows the direction in which we strive to realise ourselves. The Sun changes sign every month, defining your birth sign. The qualities of this sign are like adjectives, which colour our self-expression. We have to develop and perfect these qualities to truly find ourselves.
The House the Sun is in indicates the specific area in the material world in which we manifest our identity. We will identify very strongly with the practical issues that this House represents. Self-realisation comes through the matters connected with the House.
The Aspects to our Sun show psychological influences on our identity which have to be integrated in some way. Aspects indicate specific effects that modify the expression of our identity and make us unique individuals.
The Sun Key Facts
Rules: Leo
Detriment: Aquarius
Exhalt: Aries
Fall: Libra
Colours: Gold, Deep Yellow and Orange
Stones & Metals: Ruby, Diamond, Gold.
Keywords: Power, Strength, Self Expression

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