Wednesday, June 17, 2009

June 21st Seek the Blessings of your Father

Seek the Blessings of your Father and Resolve your Problems Miraculously
Father's Day is not simply about taking your father to dinner or sending flowers with a cute greetings note. Father is a significant concept. He stands for the person who caused your birth and the mother co-created you and carried you.
In other words you are a representative of your father's family tree. Whether you accept or not, like the biological genes there are genes from the soul. It is important to understand the metaphysics of the soul lineage and the dynamics that goes with it.
When a soul leaves the body, it still lives in the astral plane invisible to naked eyes. It still visits the earth plane to take care of or sometimes to harm its own children. A person's wellbeing is dependent on his/her relationship with the ancestors who have passed on and moved into the astral plane but yet keep visiting him constantly. The secret of success or failure is dependent on this metaphysical reality.
In one word the final message is, make sure to receive the blessings of your father, grandfather or great grandfather during the Father's Day. It really means a lot. If your father is alive, spend some time with him and be nice to him even though it may be difficult in some cases. Every emotion and thought you go through is greatly influenced by your soul lineage.

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