Friday, July 31, 2009

Can Conch Shells change your life?

In India, the conch shell is revered and used for divine purposes.
In the long and luminous spiritual tradition of India, the role of conch shells is incredibly significant but one that is hardly known to the outer world. Conch Shells are a divine gift and a treasure to mankind which preserve the bhakti bhava (prayerful attitude), of mankind.
Conch Shells promote, preserve your truth and integrity. Conch Shell abhishekams have been practised for many centuries to obtain incredible secretive material and spiritual blessings.
The spiritual science behind the Conch Shell Abhishekam is that all the sacred sounds including the greatest mantra, 'Om', the sound that created this entire universe is present in the Conch Shell. The sacred mantras and Vedas are absorbed by the Conch Shells and presented to humanity. If your home or shrine uses Conch Shells for prayer, the entire area is purified and becomes a place of happiness, divinity and incredible prosperity.
Vedas state that Banker in Heaven, Kubera lives in the Conch Shell along with Mahalakshmi. When you regularly conduct Abhishekams and worship using the right threaded Conch shell known as 'Valam Puri Sanku', you receive great material blessings.
As per Siddhas, the Conch Shells are actually an essence of divinity. It has the blessings of the celestials to participate in the poojas and rituals. Just like how the lamps are used for worship on land, the Siddhas say that underwater beings also perform prayers using lamps. The celestial beings associated with the conch shells help to light lamps under water for the benefit of sea beings.
The Pradosham falling on Aug 3rd, is the day of Soma Pradosham, which means a Pradosham falling on Monday. The Pradoshams falling on Monday and Saturday are considered especially beneficial time period to remove stubborn Karmas. When the pooja and abhisehkam to Lord Shiva and Nandi is performed with 108 Conch Shells, it provides miraculous benefits.

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