Monday, July 6, 2009

Mars enters Taurus on July 3rd

When Mars is in good position one can become a king / prime minister / president of a country. That person will also have a lot of landed property including multiple homes, apartments and complexes. Mars is a very important planet.
When Mars is weak or badly placed he will create debts of all kinds (credit card, mortgage, medical) as well as diseases. Relationship will also be a problem. There will be constant fighting between partners which will cause loss of money and peace of mind.
Mars enters Taurus on July 3rd and stays there till Aug 16th. Things would slow down significantly for everyone.
Your energies are settling down to a fine rhythm with a firm platform being laid for future plans. Anger and impatience are two devious qualities that could raise their serpentine head time and again during this transit. It is important to guard against anger that could throw you out-of-balance. Special care need to be taken at home when you deal with near and dear.
Watch out for your diet and take it easy at work.
In Vedic astrology Mars is ruled by Muruga also called Subramanya or Karthikeya. Propitiation of Muruga controls the bad results from Mars. Muruga is compassionate being who is constantly involved in the evolution of planet earth. During 2013 he will play a major part in bringing the golden age to our planet. Besides giving worldly boon, Lord Muruga is involved in bestowing enlightenment to humans as well as gods.

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