Monday, August 17, 2009

The most Powerful Obstacle Remover - Ganesha

Let Ganesha bestow you with prosperity, and remove all the obstacles that has been preventing you from achieving your goals.
Irrespective of the causes that have been stopping you from attaining prosperity, happy relationships or perfect health, Lord Ganesha will help remove all obstructions in your path towards fulfillment and success!
Extraordinary Astrological Synchronicity Happening on August 23rd: The Sun is Leo, the sign of the Rulers. The Moon in constellation of Virgo aligned with the Hasta star, which grants manifestation of boons and fulfills all your desires. The 4th waxing Moon phaseThis year Ganesha's Birthday celebrations fall on an Auspicious Sunday, August 23rd.
Virgo, the natural sixth house signifies wealth derived from service, business and operations in an organization. Moreover, the planet Ketu, which is powerful on Sundays and whose overlord is Lord Ganesha, is placed in the 11th house to Virgo (Cancer) signifying total gains and ultimate blessings to rituals performed on this day.
This rare cosmic imprint occurring during Ganesha's Birthday will help realize your material dreams. This year his birthday sparks the beginning of another major worldwide event,
Ganesha holds a mango fruit symbolizing complete knowledge and foresight. It is also a childlike, innocent form of Ganesha who brings us energies of abundance and joy.
Ganesha is the King of Obstacles with total command over any obstruction or blockage which is troubling you.
Ganesha who brings success in all activities and who can increase your name and fame. He is said to give very quick results that can wade into whatever mess we may have created from our ignorance in the past and get things turned around right now! This powerful energy will be captured in Neem wood Ganesha statues for success in all ventures.

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