Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Partial Lunar Eclipse on December 31, 2009

On this day Ketugrasta partial lunar eclipse happens. This eclipse happens in Arudra nakshtra and Mithuna Rasi and the effect of this partial lunar eclipse begins at night 12.25 and ends at night 1.25. The natives of Arudra, Swati, Satabhisham, Rohini, Hasta, Sravanam and natives of Mithuna Rasi, Karkataka Rasi are advised to take up necessary remedial measures.
Due to this partial lunar eclipse, Europe and Australia may face a tough time. Natives have to perform Sarpasooktasahita Mahanyasapoorvaka Rudrabhishekam after completion of the eclipse. During the day of eclipse, natives have to be on fasting and offer prayers to their family deity. During the period of eclipse time, do not take any food. The natives have to perform the Sarpasooktasahita Mahansyakapoorva Rudrabhishekam in Lord Shiva temple within 27 days.

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