Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Vishnupati: The Day of Vishnu Consciousness

This is the day that Vishnu performed miracles for the universe.
Vishnu gives you material abundance and all that we may ask for in the material world but also gives happiness, peace of mind, transformation and spiritual bliss.

February 13th is Double Vishnu Time!

The Sun enters the sign of Aquarius February 13th. Vishnupati is always marked by the Sun's transit into a fixed sign. What makes it a 'Double Vishnu' time is that this transit occurs on the same day as Ekadasi or the 11th Moon which is another very high time to access Vishnu energy and worship Him (as per Vedic Texts).
The Sun which is lord of the natural 5th house enters Aquarius which is the 11th natural house meaning that this placement will bring about joy and signifies wealth and monetary gains
Vishnupati only occurs 4 times per year when the Sun enters into a 'fixed' sign. Each is unique and repeats only every 60 years in the Vedic time cycle.

Each unique celestial configuration lends itself for a specific benefit to be available and accessed by all who observe the event.

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