Monday, September 19, 2011

Navratri 2011 & Astrology

During the Navratra festival Mother, as the Universal Energy is worshipped. Navratra literally means '9 nights'.
These nine days are astrologically very powerful for Spiritual upliftment.
During these days and nights, prayers are offered to 'Mother' who is the Manifestation of the Absolute Energy that pervades the Universe. As 'Durga' sitting on a Lion, she is a Manifestation of 'Shakti' or the Primordial Energy.
The Power to breathe, walk, digest etc, comes from Ma Durga. As Laxmi She is abundance. Not only material, but of Air, Land, Space etc. The fact that you have understood what I have written so far is due to the Grace of Ma Saraswati' She is the 'OM', from where all sound emanates.
'Ma' is the 'Garbha' (Womb) from where the Universe manifests. A fortnight before Durga Puja, offerings (Tarpan) are made to ancestors. This continues till Mahalaya. Before one proceeds on the Spiritual Path, the offerings are probably a form of gratitude to the ancestors as our fathers are responsible for our achieving a human body. The next 'worship' is towards Mother Nature.
On the 1st day of the Puja (mahashasti) one prays to the abode of 'Mother' which is the wood apple tree. On the 2nd day of the puja, navaptrika (nine leaves) are offered. The word 'Garba' stems from 'Garbha' and symbolizes the 'Dance of Creation'
First 3 Nights - Durga
The first 3 days of 'Navratra' are dedicated to 'Ma Kali' to annihilate the enemies within. She destroys all of our impurities, vices, defects and gains us purity and perfection.
Middle 3 Nights - Lakshmi
The next 3 days are dedicated to 'Ma Laxmi'. She destroys the demon of poverty and grant inexhaustible wealth and abundance.
Final 3 Nights - Saraswati
The last 3 days are dedicated to Ma Saraswati. She destroys the demon of ignorance and grants us knowledge and divine wisdom.
On the 10th day a Bonfire is lit to burn the Self arrogating Ego. The 10th night, or Vijaya Dasami (10th Moon) is the consolidation of the energies of fierce fighting and is celebrated with an elaborate Chandi Fire Ritual/Homa that starts in the evening and ends in the morning of the next day. Whether we pray to Ma or not, she thinks of us all the time. She holds us in our arms when dejected, gives us various gifts from time to time, but admonishes us when we cross our line.

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