Monday, January 9, 2012

On Jan 14th 2012, Sun Enters Capricorn:

The Sun's vital life energy is most accessible when the Sun enters into Capricorn and once again makes its annual journey northward. January 14th ( Makar Sankranti ) is the most powerful day to gain the Sun’s grace and empower your vows and resolutions.

On this day offer your prayers to the Sun God as a token of gratitude for his life giving light and to start a new beginning.

The Sun makes it possible to start anew, as Sun’s energy brings new life force and consciousness into the world. This new light illuminates our life and gives clarity and a new vision. 
The Sun provides an inner spark and ambition needed to succeed in starting a business, getting a new job or promotion, relocating or renovating your home, starting a new health regimen or even entering into a relationship.
Worshipping Lord Sun during this time will help you successfully start your journey towards prosperity.

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