Monday, May 14, 2012

Jupiter's move into Taurus on MAY 17th

Jupiter's move into Taurus on MAY 17th,  gives a chance to improve financially.
Jupiter rules wealth and education while Taurus rules material comforts and luxury. So Jupiter can increase our level of wealth and can also give us a new understanding of wealth and how to increase it.
We are all affected by this transit unfortunately most will not even notice it.

In the 3rd week of May astrologically:
  • 6 planets will be in Taurus. Sun, Ketu, Venus, Moon, Mercury and Jupiter. 
  • This year Jupiter or Saturn change signs with-in 24 hours of each other. 
  • A Solar Eclipse occurs on May 20th IST. Good time for meditation and spiritual practices
The effects of above events really depend on your birth chart, in general with Jupiter's benevolent influence, it means most will see improvements. However, for some difficulties will increase.

Jupiter, Sun, Ketu and Moon are all planets that affect our mind and intelligence as well as our ability to learn. All four planets sitting together in Taurus will allow Jupiter to teach us about wealth and create a new understanding within us about the relationship of wealth and spirit.

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