Friday, June 1, 2012

Positive Vaastu Aura can heal your home

Weak Vaastu or absent Aura (Vaastu Mandala) around and in your home happens to many people, because they do not know about this vital fact, and are unaware as to how to protect their homes, offices and premises from evil and negative forces.
Our environment has all sorts of energies, including the negative ones. Fear, anger, depression, negative people, heated arguments and evil eye on your home may easily damage the peace and happiness of your home. Negativity in any form can also damage the Aura of your Vaastu. It is also capable of badly harming the human energy field.
Vaastu Dosha may also occur due to inconsistent gravity, wrong wind flows, inconsistent temperature, inconsistent magnetic field, radiations of magnetic poles, geomagnetic lines, geopathic stress, environmental stress, electromagnetic radiations and Shalya Dosha.

There are three types of Vaastu Dosha, which may harm your peace and may also damage the Aura of your Vaastu - Manmade Vaastu Dosha, Natural Vaastu Dosha and Ghosts & Evil Spirits.

One needs to understand the concept of Energy Field of your Homes. It is an cosmo-magnetic energy field around your home which is not visible to most people, but it can be instinctively sensed or experienced by experts.

1. Guggal Dhoop:
You should offer Guggal Dhoop to each and every part of your home. It removes environmental stress.
2. Spray Salty Water:
You should spray salty water in each and every area of your home, on a regular basis. The salt absorbs all negative vibrations from air. This remedy can be performed twice a week. You must wash your hands after using this Salty Spray. It performs a thorough cleansing process, and purifies your home environment.
3. Worship Lord Rudra:
The best and the most powerful technique of defense is mentioned in Atharva Veda, Hymn 27, Book II.
God Rudra is called "the Lord of Healing" and “Protector”; In Atharva Veda, Hymn 90, Book VI., he is asked to cure evil and poisonous forces and in Hymn 57, Book VI., to cure a wound (physical, emotional and psychic). Worshiping Lord Rudra, the ultimate benefactor, can surely help you get protection against all evil forces. It helps open Karmic Doors and removes Karmic Obstacles.
4. Healing with Mantras:
A mantra is a tremendous force of positive energy. According to the science of Mantra, the armors (kavach) of different deities are...Lakshmi Kavach, Durga kavach, Shiva Kavach, Ram Kavach, Hanumat kavach etc....which should be recited by each and every family member of a family at the designated Pooja Room in the home. It empowers and regenerates powerful and positive forces.
5. Healing through Visualization: Generally, the following techniques should be visualized between your eye brows (Third Eye Chakra).
• Brahman Sthan (Center Point) and North – East areas of your homes are considered as the energy generators. Sit quietly in a comfortable position, allowing your breathing to settle into a deep, slow rhythm.
• Imagine your home's outer surface is surrounded by a blue circle.
• Think about your Guru, Spiritual Angels or God.
• Let yourself visualize each and every area of your home.
• Imagine your family members sitting, standing or perhaps performing their tasks.
• The words you speak or visualize will spread in the environment of your home. Hence, Ganesha suggests that you always speak positives words and think positive thoughts when you are at home.

One can use following affirmations while visualizing the protection technique -
My home is divinely safe and we feel protected.
We are always guided, guarded, and protected by positive, sage and benign forces.
My home is divinely protected against evil forces.
My family members are blessed and highly favored by our God.
I am divinely protected, guided, and strengthened.

Nowadays, implementations of Vaastu principles are not so easy, due to the limitations of ready-made constructions of homes and offices. It is very complicated to adjust number of flats / offices in one complex, location of lifts, its common walls for adjacent flats, and angular distance of relevant main doors. But, if one follows meticulously the principles of Vaastu while selecting the plot/ house and construction of building, then satisfactory results can be obtained in majority of cases. However, if that's not possible, follow the aforementioned remedies to get good results.

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