Saturday, August 25, 2012

Saturn and Mars together in Libra

Mars and Saturn are in a conjunction (alignment) in the sky – they were at the same degree of Libra on August 15th 2012.  Traditional and Vedic astrology consider both Mars and Saturn to be “malefic” – they are seen as promoting danger (Mars) and generally bad things (Saturn).  So when the two come together, this can be perceived as a dangerous time where generally bad things can happen.
When Saturn and Mars are together in Libra, the sign of relationships with no benefic aspects, this can cause stress to build up, even in good relationships. A little relief will come by the end of September. However we are also experiencing a Kala Sarpa Yoga, where all the planets are between Rahu and Ketu, until early October. This will also cause stress and ripe karmas to manifest.
Mars and Saturn getting together in the same house and in conjunction in August 2012 can cause much concern to the strength and stability of certain astrological signs particularly the ones running their Saturn choti panoti, dhaiyya, sade sati etc
Mars denotes action and will be a go-getter. Saturn is structure and your authority combined with a finality as a result of patience shown. So here we are talking of two “Working” planets- one is brash, the other stable, one is aggressive, the other is stern and contained, one is zippy-zippy zoom, the other is turning the throttle slow.
So Mars-Saturn means that you can create real and lasting accomplishments provided you show up with clarity, precision, timing, stability and most importantly with Saturn being in happy house of Libra, he is going to over rule any childish prank you are up to. Be methodical and the result is sure to flow in.
Take the time to get clear about what you want to put forth, how you want to present it, and the results that you are seeking. Your efforts will be rewarded and as Mercury goes Direct, you may receive new insights and information that will further enhance your creation.

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