Friday, December 7, 2012

Meditation and Prayers on 12-12-12

The Moon, that is, The Lunar Cycle and the Mind are co-related. The mind principle can be traced with the Moon. 
In other words, the Moon influences the Mind. 

During the New Moon, the mind has a potential possibility to annihilate itself, meaning that you can experience a non-mind consciousness, particularly during the New Moon of the Mini Shivaratri night. Mini Shivaratri is the night of the Shiva, and it happens on the New Moon on Dec 12th. During that time, you can transcend your mind and these happen regularly during every New Moon. But then the night of the Shiva is a special New Moon so we observe prayers, expecting a state of being or existence above and beyond the limits of material experience. while you are meditating.

We have another opportunity, a great opportunity that happens on 12.12.12 which is a very important time. 

There are 12 Chakras and the 12th Chakra is the God Chakra, right above the 11th Chakra that’s above the skull. 
 This 12.12.12 is a very important combination and more important because it falls on the New Moon time. So you can transcend your mind during that time get into a different type of consciousness.

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