Friday, July 26, 2013

Swati Nakshatra

General Characteristics: Sweet, soft spoken, virtuous, compassionate, mild, quiet nature, controls passions and desires, skilled in trade, merciful, charitable. 
Translation: The priest, the sword 
Symbol: Coral - strong intuitive and psychic properties - A young sprout quivering in the wind. 

Animal symbol: Male Buffalo 
Ruling planet: Rahu 
Nature: Deva (god-like) 
Presiding deity: Vayu the demigod of wind, air, breath, and prana. 

Positive Traits: Tender, moral, able in business - clever in trade and commerce, truth-seeking, studious, meek, truthful, humanitarian - cares about others, thinks before acting, accurate, reduces things to their simplest components, uncorrupted, friendly, positive outlook, disciplined, seeks harmony, generous, active in spiritual organizations or humanitarian causes, likes to be around religious or well integrated people, interested in scientific or philosophical thought, independent, traveler, persuasive communication. 

Negative Traits: Do not know their limitations resulting in loss of money, status, and respect, creates debt due to high expenses, discontented due to lofty goals, restless, critical, fault finding, not concerned with family, shy, monastic, self isolating, secretive, hides their passions and sexual urges, gives too much away, absurd creative thinking, vulnerable to the whims of others, hot tempered. 

Career Interests: Business skill, sales, Yoga teachers, priests, legal profession, judges, transportation, travel industry, stock brokers, traders in drugs and alcohol, merchants, independent business person, ascetic - engaged in devotional practice

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