Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Tamil Month of Aadi 2013

Aadi Month, is the fourth month in Tamil Calendar and is termed inauspicious by many as the Dakshinayana Punyakalam begins in the month. In 2013, the Aadi Month begins on July 17 and ends on August 17. But several Tamil Hindu rituals and festivals are held in the month of Aadi and therefore it is also auspicious to some people.

Here are the important festivals and auspicious days in Aadi Month in 2013.
Dakshinayana Punyakalam, the night of the Devas, begins on the first day of the month Aadi. It is marked on July 17, 2013. Some communities perform Tarpanam on the day. The sun changes its direction during this period and next six months is the night time of the gods. Due to this reason, no auspicious events are held in the month.
Aadi Chevvai – the Tuesdays in Aadi Masam is highly auspicious.
Aadi Velli – Fridays in the Aadi Masam is also considered auspicious.
Aadi Amavasi (August 6, 2013) – No moon day in Aadi month dedicated to offering Shradh and Tarpan to dead ancestors.
Aadi Pooram (August  19, 2013) – The day is dedicated to Andal. 
Varalakshmi Puja (August 16, 2013) – Worship of Goddess Lakshmi. 
Aadi Perukku (August 3) – The festival is dedicated to Kaveri River and falls on the eighteenth day in Aadi Masam.
Aadi Karthigai (July 31, 2013) – festival dedicated to Lord Muruga.

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