Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra

General Characteristics: Emphasis on healing others. Earn money by their learning, liked by all, live a life in comfort and luxury. 

Translation: The latter red one or a fig tree 
Symbol: A bed or 2 rear legs of a cot. 

Animal Symbol: Male Cow (bull) 
Ruling Planet: Sun 
Nature: Manushya (human) 
Presiding deity: Aryaman rules leadership, honor, nobility and rules society. 

Positive Traits: Popular, hard worker, ambitious, benefits from those in power, good communicator, successful, friendly, reliable, focused, happy nature, loves luxury and comfort, material desires are fulfilled, capacity for enjoying life, liberal yet has fixed principles, balanced leader, happy, socially adept, generally fortunate, generous, kind, compassionate, courage, endurance, spiritual and mental advancements. 

Negative Traits: Promiscuous, over-giving, egotistical, restless, inconsiderate of others feelings, obstinate, disdainful, bossy, vain, arrogant, takes too much for themselves, stubborn, critical, resentful, a social climber, may be sad or angry under a happy smile, lack belief in their own power.

Career Interests: Social worker, philanthropist, writers, actors, media personalities, healing arts, state health employees, astrologers, astronomers, mathematicians, business minded people, sales.

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