Saturday, August 10, 2013

Purva Ashadha Nakshatra- Early Victory or The Undefeated

General Characteristics: Agreeable spouse, a proud nature, strong attachment to friends. 
Translation: The undefeated or unsubdued. 
Symbol: A fan or a winnowing basket (used to separate grain from its husk), a bed or an elephant tusk. 

Animal symbol: Male monkey 
Ruling planet: Venus 
Nature: Manushya (human) 
Presiding deity: Apas - representing the cosmic waters deified as God. 

Positive Traits: Artistic, good-looking, influential - influences many, well-liked, polite, faithful to friends, intelligent, good manager but prefers to be in service, valuable employee, simple life, supportive, courageous, humble, influential, wealth, loves good meals, has a enjoyable relationship with spouse, capable of having many children, truth-seeking, changeable. 

Negative Traits: Egotistical, inflexible, superiority complex, others regard them as crude or immature, angry, not open to advice, have low-paying and hardworking jobs, incompetent manager, bouts of loud and disturbing behavior, lacking in education or preparation, dictatorial, obstinate, leave behind partners when they can not keep up with their ability to change, settles for less. 

Career Interests: Writers, teacher, debaters, shipping, industry, boating, politicians, lawyers, travel industry, foreign traders, actors, film, public speaking, professions associated with water: sailing, shipping, navy, water utilities, people who process raw materials, manufacturers or refiners. 

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