Saturday, June 14, 2014

Jupiter transit to zodiac sign Cancer on June 19th 2014

The most beneficial planet Jupiter will transit to zodiac sign Cancer (its sign of exaltation) on June 19, 2014 at 10:36:37 a.m. (in Delhi).
It debilitates in Capricorn.
Every planet debilitates in the seventh sign counted from its sign of exaltation and vice versa.
Jupiter takes around 365 days to complete its transit in a zodiac sign.

Jupiter controls lawyers, teachers, priests, rebirth, north direction, philosophy, spiritual gurus, new ideas, new constructions, and gods.
In the body parts, it has control over liver, fat, thighs, and toes.
In nature, it controls calmness, peace, and serenity.
In business, it controls temples, trusts, schools, courts, foreign agencies, contracts, jail, navy, and hospitals. In manufacturing, it has control over oily foods, fatty foods, buttery items, cheese, sweets, rubber, and gold. In places, it has control over schools, colleges, courts, temples, big halls, churches, mosques, worship place in our homes, pictures of saints, and gods.
It also has control over elephants, horses, oxen, peacocks, religious trees, cashew nuts, groundnuts, almonds, etc. in nutshell.
For a successful marriage, its position should always be good in the horoscope, it is my own experience. A bad Jupiter will never give a good marital life.
In June 2014, Jupiter will transit over Sun, Saturn, Moon, Mercury, and Venus of natal Indian horoscope. It will aspect on 11th house of gains, 9th house of luck, and 7th house of partners.

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