Thursday, March 26, 2015

Saturn Retrograde in Scorpio 2015 March-August

Saturn, the biggest Karmic influencing planet will turn into retrograde motion while transiting Vrischik Rasi (Scorpio) on 14 March 2015
It will be back in direct motion from 02 August 2015.
During its entire retograde motion, Saturn will be travelling between Anuradha nakshatra’s 3rd quarter(paada) and 1st quarter.
Saturn gets into stationary position for some time and then keeps moving into forward direction with retarded speed. Saturn remains into stationary motion for some moments before it starts moving backward.
In the same way, before Saturn becomes progressive (turns into direct motion), it remains in retrograde zone and starts moving into forward direction till it gains full speed.

Saturn retrograde in Scorpio is right time for deep introspection, investigation and examination of our inner realms. Secrets, hidden agendas, subtle tendencies, skewed motives, buried information or skeletons symbolically are all being exposed. There is no more room for secrets. All kinds of things are coming up for contemplation and awareness.
This is the best time in an year to pause and rethink about our future plans.
Exalted Jupiter’s aspect on Saturn till mid-july 2015 will bring out many hidden things.

Saturn often represents the fulfillment of Karma. Often, that Karma is not the happy-fuzzy feel-good Karma we like to imagine happens all the time.
During these 141 days, Saturn reminds us to produce quality, choose to be with quality partners and most of all maintain high standards of self-respect and responsibility.
Best time to relinquish the negatives, bitterness, rage and extreme habits that are unhealthy.
Saturn retrograde in Scorpio 2015 promises renewal and rebirth to those who are sincerely attending to the lessons of life and learning. You have a choice as to who you are intimate with, partner with, borrow from, and owe.
Choose wisely and take responsibility for what you choose, how you act and your behaviors.

Saturn is asking you to leave bitterness of Scorpio and adapt to the situation.

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