Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Gems and Planets

In Hindu Astrology, there are 9 planets considered for understanding and analysing a
There are  nine different gemstones assigned to each planet.
These gem stones are called Nav-ratnas.
The  planets and their stones are:

PLANET                            GEMSTONE                           

Sun (Surya)                        Ruby (Manik)
Moon (Chandra)                  Pearl (Moti)
Mars (Mangal)                    Red Coral (Monga)
Mercury (Budha)                Emerald (Panna)
Jupiter (Guru)                    Yellow (Saphire)
Venus (Shukra)                  Diamond (Heera)
Saturn (Shani)                   Blue Saphire (Neelam)
Dragon's Head (Rahu)        Gomedha 
Dragaon's Tail (Ketu)         Cat's Eye (Lahsunia)

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