Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Ketu Transit 2016

Ketu, one of the most important planet, will transit in Aquarius on January 29, 2016. No matter which sign you are born under, changes will come in your life for sure.

Ketu will transit in your eleventh house. As a result, there will be an increase in your income. Though Ketu is posited in the sign of Saturn and Saturn in turn will reside in eighth house, continuity of income seems slow. However, you can still get unexpected wealth.

Ketu will transit in your tenth house. Owing to this, progress will be seen in your working skills. You will easily put in more efforts comparatively. Though social circle will increase, but don’t do anything which can lead to defamation.

Ketu will transit in the ninth house of these natives. You should work on cultivating spirituality within yourself. Doing so will lead to tremendous rise in your luck and courage. Profits are possible through elders, Brahmin or teacher.

Cancerians, Ketu will transit in your eighth house. This situation is not considered favorable. Hence, be very careful in every matter. Take good care of your health during this planetary phase.

For Lions, Ketu will transit in their seventh house. This transit is not considered favorable for personal life. Acting without being calm and mature will lead to dissatisfaction familial matters. Due to this, be very careful in matters of love, conjugal life and partnership business.

Ketu will transit in your sixth house. You will get good results due to this positioning of Ketu. If you are trying to recover from any debt, you might do it successfully. You will get relief from debts. If any health issue is there from quite sometime, it will improve due to this transit.

Ketu will transit in your fifth house; hence, you will get mixed results. It will enhance your willpower, decision taking abilities, interest in religious deeds and education. However, you might also get attracted toward useless activities.

Scorpions, Ketu will transit in your fourth house. This transit is not considered that favorable. This might stress you. Some domestic issues might lead to stressful time for you. Don’t let familial relations get affected. Take care of your mother's health.

Ketu will transit in the third house of Sagittarius natives. It will increase your courage and energy. You can accomplish your work in minimum time, if you work confidently. However, don’t betray or cheat anyone.

Ketu will transit in your second house. This is not considered that good; hence, Ketu posited here will harm the activities of other houses. You need to be very careful regarding financial life. Avoid making investments in major things.

Ketu will transit in the first house of Aquarians. As a result, your courage will enhance. However, you might act stubborn due to this transit. You can go to any extent to get things you like, but avoid going illegal for the same.

Ketu will transit in your twelfth house. You might get opportunities to go on distant journeys. However, some useless journeys are also possible. Control useless expenses. Keep yourself stress free. If you feel any health complication, get it examined on time.

Remedies: People who are facing some difficulties due to Ketu transit are suggested to start fasting on Thursday and worship Lord Ganesha.

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