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Holashtak 2016 starts on 16th March

According to the lunar month (Chandra Maas), Purnima of Phagun Maas is celebrated as Holika festival.
Holashtak witnesses the arrival of Holi. Hola + Ashtak, means eight days before Holi. Basically, we can see that holi is a festival of nine days instead of a single day. On the day on Dhulendi with colors and Gulal, this festival comes to an end. All the nine days, nature has a festive and happy atmosphere. In the year 2016, the time between 16th March 2016 to 23th March 2016.

Holashtak stays from the Phagun Shukal Ashthami to Holika Dahan, that is, Purnima. In these days, the season start showing changes. Winters seem to say goodbye, with the arrival of spring. In addition, the coming of spring is indicated with the fragrance of flowers in the nature. It is believed that, Holashtak began when Lord Shiva got angry on Kaam dev and killed him.

Holika Dahan is the major ritual performed at the time of Holi which is also considered an important Holi Puja.
People light bonfires on the eve of Holi festival to celebrate the victory of 'good' over 'bad' which is called Holika Dahan. It can be performed at any place and its preparations begin almost 40 days before by gathering woods on important crossroads of the town.
On the night before Holi, effigies of Holika and Prahlad are placed on the huge heap of woods. The effigy of Holika is made of combustible material and that of Prahlad is made of non-combustible material and upon setting them alight, people chant Rakshoghna Mantras of the Rig Veda to cast away the evil spirits.
The left over ashes are collected by people next morning and are smeared on the limbs of the body as Holi Prasad which is an act of purification.

This is a special day when the Vastu related issues of your home, factory and work place can be effectively taken care off. Just bring some ash from the bonfire you had lit on the day prior to Holy. Offer this ash along with some colour in the Ishaan corner of your home, factory or work place and see that you have taken care of the Vastu Dosha just for nothing.

Make a point to visit everyone in your locality and especially the ones with whom you do not get along well. By just putting the right colour on the forehead on the person you could transform the old enmity what you had.

Offer your respect to all the elders you meet this day. Ill placed Jupiter shall feel elated in your horoscope.

Throwing pranks and showering anyone with abuses may do no good to the planet mercury in your horoscope. Avoid this, be gracious and throw pranks only in your friend circle.

Try to use that colour powder (Gulal) which suits you astrologically. You may be coloured by people by different Gulals but you apply the Gulal to people with is most appropriate to you.
The list moon sign wise is as below:

Sign           Holi Colours

Aries         ~Red, Yellow
Taurus         ~Orange, Purple
Gemini         ~Purple, Green
Cancer         ~Blue, Green
Leo                 ~Red, Yellow, Orange
Virgo         ~Orange, Purple, Green
Libra         ~Pink, Saffron, Purple
Scorpio         ~Red, Yellow, Green
Sagittarius ~Red, Yellow, Grey
Capricorn         ~Black, Blue, Orange, ~Purple
Aquarius         ~Black, Blue, Pink, Purple
Pisces         ~Yellow, Blue, Green

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