Thursday, September 1, 2016

All about Saturn - The Lord of Karma

Out of all the 9 planets, Saturn is the only planet honored with “Ishwar” status (name of Lord Shiva). According to Vedas, there is no other planet that can take away what the Great Saturn decides to give to you. You have multi-lifetimes of both good and bad deeds that are due to come to fruition in the future.
Karma is a form of energy that is very real. Like Saturn, it is very closely bound to time. Past, present, and future blur into one. If you have been bad in the past, then at a certain predestined time, an event will occur to teach you a lesson. If you been good in the past, then at a predestined time, an event will occur to reward you for your good deeds.

Saturn is the most powerful of all planets and He is matchless in giving good and bad fortunes. The bad fortunes may be in terms of hardships in material life – like loss of job, business, money, health problems etc. and the good fortune categories can be the opposite of all mentioned above. However, the bad fortune, which is created by Saturn is enlightening, giving the individual a valuable perspective on life; the pain that he brings with the changes is formidable and can be dealt with and lessened.

Becoming conscious of Lord Hanuman and his characteristics can help you deal with difficult times. Since Hanuman is influential over Saturn, he can relieve your troubles and make the impossible happen.

Mythologically, Saturn is the son of Sun and Chhaya. Saturn is a planet, which has been much, wronged and was cursed by his own wife and celestial mother Parvati. In fact after realizing her mistake Maa Parvati gave a boon to Saturn that no important event in the life of a person will occur unless Saturn gives his divine sanctity to that work either by transit or aspect to such relevant house. 

He is the elder brother to Yama(the god of death) therefore he plays the role of Yama and can bring an end to life. Therefore, if a bad Dasha is running and at the same time there is an evil transit of Saturn and the age of death have come Saturn will definitely kill. But, Saturn also represents detachment. It has great spiritual value. No saint can take birth without a well-placed and strong Saturn. 

It takes Saturn 28-30 years to complete its orbit of the zodiac. It is masculine energy and rules both Capricorn and Aquarius, and the Tenth and Eleventh Houses.

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