Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Dates of Masik Shivaratri in 2018

Shivaratri means the day of worshipping Lord Shiva.
Maha Shivaratri which falls in the month of Magha has a great importance. On the 14th day of fortnight of the waning moon, Shivaratri is celebrated which is also known as Masik Shivaratri. On this day, the convergence of powers of Lord Shiva is being celebrated. According to the mythological facts, it is believed that Lord Shiva was emerged as a Shiva Linga in midnight.
At this time only, Shiva Linga was worshipped by Lord Brahma and Vishnu for the first time. Doing fast on this day is prevailing in our society from ancient period. It is believed that people who vows on Masik Shivaratri are blessed by Lord Shiva and anticipated results are received.

Monday, 15 January
Tuesday, 13 February
Thursday, 15 March
Saturday, 14 April
Sunday, 13 May
Tuesday, 12 June
Wednesday, 11 July
Thursday, 09 August
Saturday, 08 September
Sunday, 07 October
Monday, 05 November
Wednesday, 05 December

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