Friday, June 8, 2007

On the Nature of Astrology

Astrology has almost as many faces as life itself. In other words, astrology is many different things for different people, and thus can't be defined in one word. Everyone experiences astrology in her or his own way. For some astrology is a science, for others it is an art or a skill, or even a religion. And for many it is just entertainment, good or bad. For many others it is mainly a psychological or spiritual technique. Astrology can, in fact, be applied to anything with a definite birth time and place. And it truly has many applications: psychological astrology and astrotherapy, synastry (the astrology of human relationships), medical astrology, political astrology, spiritual astrology, predictive astrology and many other kinds of astrologies as well. And also esoteric or occult astrology which sometimes comes close to rubbish, but at other times offers us all some deep and excellent insights. And there are all kinds of astrological practitioners, some are specialists in different branches of astrology, but in small countries, like Finland, where there are only very few professional astrologers, most astrologers do all kinds of astrological work. Astrology can be used for so many purposes that you could almost say that astrology is what anyone wants it to be, from light astrological entertainment to depth-psychological astrology. And almost anything between these extremes.

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