Thursday, July 17, 2008

The concept of the Goddess

The concept of the Goddess is both intriguing and interesting. To tell you the truth nothing can happen without Her.
The human female is a surrogate of the Goddess. No man can succeed without Her energy. That's why there is the saying that 'A successful man always has a woman behind him'.
The Goddess is real. She is invisible to the naked eye and belongs to heaven. She visits the earth plane periodically and stays at certain temples.
Who brought Her over into the earth plane? The Yogis and Siddhas did.
The technology of the Siddhas and the Yogis is quite scientific. Knowing that the Goddess can help the human beings quite miraculously, the Siddhas brought the Goddess over to certain energy spots and enshrined them through esoteric processes. The Goddess stays here in the form of a rock or statue that retains her energy. It is important to identify those shrines and establish your connection with your Goddess. Establishing a connection with a Goddess is an intricate and sophisticated process. It is unfortunate that the Goddess worship has fallen in the hands of charlatans and the gullible public – both unconsciously continuing the tradition. If you don't do the worship properly it is a waste of money and time. Nevertheless, one must remember that it is after the Kali Yuga (the dark age) and corrupt tendencies that are part of the time period.
The whole world is under the influence of 3 Shaktis or Goddesses. They are Ichcha Shakti, Kriya Shakti and Gnana Shakti. Every human being has these 3 powers. Ichcha Shakti is the will power, the power of desire or motivation which relates to the Mind. Kriya Shakti is the power of action, the ability to act for the fulfillment of the desire that relates to physical body and Gnana Shakti Represents the power of knowledge, the capacity to know and recognize, which relates to the soul (Atma).

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