Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Prediction For July 2008 - Leo

This month shall bring mixed results for you. There shall be improvement in your area of work in the first half of the month. Your pending tasks might get accomplished. You shall enjoy cooperation from your close friends. There shall be an increase in your income but there shall be a situation of ups and downs in your area of work in the latter part of the month. You shall also go on journeys. There is probability of unnecessary expenses. Try to control your expenditure. Take decisions about your important tasks sensibly. You shall have to struggle a lot in your area of work but in spite of that you won’t get results in proportion to your effort. People might intervene in your work because of which you might remain tense. You won’t be able to take much interest in religious activities.
It shall be auspicious to work systematically and invest sensibly to consolidate your financial position. You might start some new business venture with the cooperation of your family member. There can be some tensions in your relations with siblings in the first part of the month but you shall get cooperation from them in the latter part of the month. Don’t be over ambitious. Be alert towards your social reputation. There is strong probability of development of difference of opinion with parents.
The month is below average for purchase of land, house, vehicle etc. You shall have to struggle a lot in this connection. There is probability that you might try to take loan for buying property.
Education and love
For students this period is auspicious. They shall take interest in studies. They might get success in competitive examinations. In love relationship try to trust each other. There shall be harmony between husband and wife.
Health Problems:- 14, 15, 23, 25
Remedy:- Donate black articles and mustard oil on Saturday. Offer food to crow, black cow and black dog after cooking it in oil.

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