Sunday, November 16, 2008

Numerology: The Power of One

The number One is ruled by the Sun. The number One brings a bright, radiant energy, with a strong desire to develop the self and become a leader. Those with this number are courageous, original, innovative, independent, and capable of taking initiative. Those with the number One as their number aspire towards greatness, they never think small in terms of their goals or dreams. They may have some interest in psychic sciences, however the number One creates a more active than contemplative nature. Those with One are gifted with regal qualities and should allow themselves to grow in refinement, both spiritually and physically. Patience and prudence need to be developed so people will respect them rather than viewing them as rash and ambitious. They should guard against sudden anger and being overly active. Their great inner fire, brought by the number One, should be focused for the good of all and their passions should be used to help improve life for others in some way. They will do well by being generous in acknowledging the contributions of others as this will prevent aloofness and aloneness. They will enjoy staying open to new ideas and can help teach them to others. A good leader sets a positive example and that is what a person with this number is here to do - without becoming self-important. Meditation benefits those with One to help them stay inspired and renewed, which is essential to their spirit.

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