Thursday, November 13, 2008


Planets may be worshipped via fire ceremonies, by wearing appropriate gemstones or clothing, by offerings items (incense, flowers, coconuts, light…), or by reciting/listening to the mantra for the planet. An offering to a specific planet helps to increase the qualities of that planet in your life. For example, a pooja for the Sun can invoke positive influence in aspects such as public recognition, power, personal appearance... This respectful, gracious act gains favour from the planet and invokes its blessing. Reciting planetary mantras can increase the positive energy of a planet, neutralize any negative influence, and enable you to connect to the planet's energy. All of the following helps alleviate karma and act as an agent for peace.
Each Planet has a specific day and Mantra assigned to it :
Sun - Sunday - Om Suryaya Namaha
Moon - Monday - Om Chandraya Namaha
Mars - Tuesday - Om Mangalaya Namaha
Mercury - Wednesday - Om Budhaya Namaha
Jupiter - Thursday - Om Gurave Namaha
Venus - Friday - Om Shukraya Namaha
Saturn - Saturday - Om Sanecharaya Namaha
Rahu - Om Rahave Namaha
Ketu - Om Ketave Namaha

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