Monday, December 8, 2008


Dhanur masa-Marghazhi - is a Shoonya Masa. Because it is considered as inaspicious to do any good things other than Godly functions.This month month is allotted to Gods and for us it a blank - meaning Soonya.
The month of Margazhi is sacred because Lord Krishna says in the Gita that he is Margazhi among the twelve months. During this month no marriages or homams are performed. The Vedas (four in number) are recited in temples to propitiate Lord Narayana. This tradition, carried on from olden days, is called "Adyayana utsavam."
The morning hours of 4 – 6 am is the purest time of the day, as contained in the scriptures written by the Siddhas of ancient India. Prayers offered during these times are more powerful and are heard by the Gods and Goddesses. If the entire day was composed of these hours, your prayers would likely manifest. All the days between Dec. 16 – Jan. 15 are in the Vedic month of Margazhi and every hour for this entire month is equal to the holy hours of 4 – 6 am.
The Vedic month of Margazhi is very auspicious as it corresponds to morning hours of 4-6 am as per celestial times. This time otherwise known as 'Brahma Muhurta' is very holy. Performing cow pooja everyday is considered to be incredibly powerful this Margazhi month as it is equivalent to offering prayers to the all the celestial beings in one go. All the gods and goddesses along with sages are considered to be elements within the cow.
The month is also noted for its numerous music concerts. Another unique feature of the month is the beautiful kolams (rangoli) drawn on streets and in the courtyard of houses

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